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Culinary Tours to Berlin and East Germany
Tracks of Joy: Cultural and Culinary Delights

Enjoy the amazing variety of German Cuisine creating excellent dishes with fresh, local and organic ingredients - and discover the Culinary delights at exclusive cooking classes or at fine lunches and dinners with us - The German American Connection (TGAC) - Visit restaurants, cafes, bakeries, farms, dairies, microbreweries, wineries, distilleries, chocolate or mustard manufactures, farmers markets ...

German cuisine and cooking Tours - Introduction (PDF)

Cooking Tours in Germany for Culinary Students (PDF)

We offers several tailor-made exclusive tours for small groups of people sharing the interest in special and local Cultural and Culinary delights of Germany - off the beaten tourist track.

We offer the unique experience of local German eco-gastronomy as well as German traditional and modern cuisine, combined with handcraft, historic sites, architecture, culture, art, music and European live style - in the spirit of the international Slow Food movement. 

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Slow Food International

The international Slow Food movement is founded upon the concept of eco-gastronomy, a recognition of the strong connections between plate and planet - for a slower and more harmonious rhythm of life: eco-friendly culinary delights for you.
more information: Slow Food International webpage

Re-awake and train your senses!
Rediscover the joys of eating!
Care where food comes from and how it's made!





BioHotel "Zur Scheune" ("The Barn") in North East Germany:


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