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For those who do not know us yet, we are happy to share some testimonials from guests and clients of TGAC - The German American Connection. Thanks to everyone who contributed a quote.

We have put together an incomplete list of quotes from guests who have traveled with us on a guided custom small group tour or on a guided German Ancestry tour as well as from clients who have used our individual trip planning service for self-guided tours to Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

"Our trip ... was perfect. We had so much fun and owe much of it to the organization of Ute Boese of The German American Connection for the arrangements and tips she provided." Diana E. (Individual Trip Planning Service for a self-guided tour to Germany and Austria)

"For many years Don has wanted to take a trip to his father's home town in Germany but didn't know how to contact family there. We found a wonderful trip planner Ute Boese, who located his two first cousins and made arrangements for us to meet them and their families. In addition to planning our trip Ute was our driver, knowledgeable guide, interpreter and delightful traveling companion." Don and Judy N., NE (guided German Ancestry Tour)

"My wife and I contracted with The German American Connection for a nine-day genealogy / history tour ... of Germany with Ute Boese as our guide. Ute served as trip-planner, translator, driver, food and drink adviser, and travel companion... Ute developed a complete itinerary which extended our research and put a real face on place names and developed a feeling for the people who lived there in the past. She contacted local genealogists and city officials to uncover new information on our families... As experienced traveler, we could have planned our own trip covering the same areas. We would have missed much by doing so. In addition to well-known historical sights, Ute scheduled visits to places we would have never known existed... As we walked small villages, people came out to talk with us. Our limited knowledge of German would have kept us from learning what we did about local history and culture. Her knowledge and connections enabled us to learn new details about known family and to uncover new members. Weeks after the trip, Ute is still working for us on translating documents and searching new sources..." Linda L. and Len K., FL (guided German Ancestry Tour)

"My husband a
nd I have traveled in Europe both independently and with tours and although our experiences have always been quite pleasurable we have never had such a grand and effortless trip that I readily attribute to our amazing and terrific tour guide Ute. From the moment we arrived at the airport Ute was there handling the smallest details and making sure that our needs were met to perfection. Ute is most knowledgeable about every facet of Germany from history to botany and is tremendously resourceful in discovering any information an individual might inquire about. The central focus of our trip was to explore genealogy and visit Christmas Markets and with Ute's keen ability to develop rapport with town officials, clergy from town churches, record officials, and everyone else we encountered, we received rapt attention and hospitality from all of them as well as important pieces of information formally unknown about my husband's family. The selection of Christmas Markets was a perfect mix ranging from a very small and quaint village market with almost all attendees being local including a quite good brass band to the large and well attended markets of larger cities. Traveling the German Autobahn could have been a harrowing experience but with Ute's steadfast and expert driving skills we could truly relax and enjoy one idealistic village after another. The choice of accommodations and restaurants was also delightful and provided a variety of settings... Ute also provided lots of flexibility and when we modified some previously made plans she was always most gracious and cooperative. Finally I would add that we simply had loads of fun and with Ute's keen wit we found ourselves much like Santa, "laughing all the way"." Judy R., TX (Guided custom German Ancestry and German Christmas Market tour combination)

"Last spring we have contacted you (Donna Sullivan, Sullivan's Custom Tours) and you referred us to Ute Boese. I wanted to let you know that two couples just returned from an independent tour she organized for us. The service she provided was perfect. No details were left out. We easily enjoyed our three week trip in Germany and Austria and all completed by train. We could not have done this without her knowledge and experience. Thank you for connecting us with her." Diana E., OR (Individual Trip Planning Service, Germany and Austria)

"Luckily we found TGAC and their genealogy trip planning services. Our family research had been completed and we wanted to visit the small towns and villages where the immigrant ancestors lived. Ute took the information we provided and planned a trip that met all of our wants and more, as we traveled to 4 locations and 7 towns and villages. We learned the history of the towns and regions, and because of her planning and contacts to local historians we also met numerous cousins and enjoyed a gracious reception everywhere. Ute represents a high degree of professionalism with a personal and engaging touch and her language translation skills are impressive. And always trust Ute to recommend the right food and beer!" Dave and Claire H., VT (guided German Ancestry Tour)

"...Not being able to speak German, and not knowing the details of the area, Ute Boese and TGAC really came through for us - more than I ever hoped for. This was truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience and was the absolute highlight of our trip." David A., CA (guided German Ancestry Day trip during a Main river cruise)

"Had a wonderful time with you and want to thank you so much for all your good work setting up the trip for us" Linda H., TX (guided German Ancestry Tour)

"You were such a wonderful tour guide. When I signed up to go, I had no idea of what to expect, but you made it such an exceptional trip ... that I will never forget." Dorothy W., TX (guided German Ancestry Tour)

"The Porcelain Art Tour of Germany was beyond my expectations - The days were planned with a variety of activities to accommodate the wishes of the travelers as a group and individually. Ute provided a well planned trip with warmth and enthusiasm, knowledge of the areas visited, and great attention to all the details of travel. I would certainly recommend traveling with her anytime." Sibyl W., TX (guided Porcelain Art Tour in Germany with painting classes)

"We had such a great time on the tour. We have told many friends about how you made it such a memorable trip with all of the advance contacts and arrangements. I have already researched further some of the new information we discovered. It was an amazing experience to see the old towns and churches in which our family has lived and held such important events. The tour of the German countryside and the commentary will forever be part of our memory. You really made it special..." David R. (guided German Ancestry Tour)

"All told me they had a great time!  Thanks for all you did to make the trip very special. Folks here at home were amazed at the welcome we received from the Germans and also that our relatives did not know about family leaving Germany!" Mikki M., TX
(guided German Ancestry Tour)

"... you did a superb job of planning for us. Thanks for the wonderful experiences and memories." Rose S., TX (guided German Ancestry Tour)

"My wife and I recently took a riverboat trip along the rivers of Germany. One of the stops was at Wurzburg, a town about 25 kilometers from Uffenheim, where my late mother was born. One of the main purposes of this trip was to visit Mother's birthplace. Our travel agent put us in contact with The German American Connection, a small company specializing in helping Americans find their German ancestry and history ... Ute did the most amazing things for us. We told her we wanted to go to the house in Uffenheim where my mother was born, and then also see the cemetery where her ancestors are buried. Ute contacted the mayor of Ermetzhofen, where the cemetery is located, and the curator of the museum in Uffenheim. She set up a schedule of times for us to meet with these gentlemen ... Ute took us on a walking tour of the old town. She did a lot of advanced research, and was able to tell us quite a lot about the town. We then went to meet the mayor of Ermetzhofen. He took us to his office, offered us a soft drink, and brought out an old ledger showing who was buried in the cemetery. I was able to photograph each page for my history. The mayor then took the three of us to lunch at a little country pub, where we had brats and sauerkraut, with wheat beer. Delicious! After the visit to the cemetery, where we were able to take photos of the gravestones, we drove back to Uffenheim to meet at the museum. The curator had made a display of pertinent memorabilia for us to look at and photograph. The mayor of Uffenheim also joined us and we spent a couple of hours talking about the history of the area and looking at the material. Ute was excellent about translating for us. All in all, we were treated like visiting royalty by everyone. And Ute did an outstanding job of taking care of us. She drove us back to where we were to meet the ship and made sure we were in the right place before saying doodbye to us. I can't find words enough to describe this day and the wonderful way we were treated by Ute and the local people. The absolute highlight of the entire trip for me. I highly recommend The German American Connection to anyone doing onsite family research and history. David A., CA (guided German Ancestry Tour)

"Best Bier Trip Ever! Thank you." Jeff D., NY (Cultural Beer Tour to Germany)

"Thank you for a wonderful trip. It was a good mix of activities, something for everyone even though it was primarily a beer tour. All our travelers gave me positive feedback. You did an excellent job taking care of details and of us, you were the difference between this being an okay trip and being the outstanding trip that it was." Bob R., NY (Cultural Beer Tour to Germany)

"The trip was wonderful!...Highlight of the German part of the tour was of course the Emigration Museum in Bremerhaven... Ute, you had booked us at the Hotel Stadt Aurich, that is owned and operated by a friend of Karin's (TGAC: her penpal)...That hotel was superb...Unfortunately, we did not get to visit and do all suggestions once we got there so perhaps a reason to return someday." Gayl P., LA (Individual Trip Planning Service, Germany)

"As a graduation gift for our granddaughter, we offered to take her to Germany. We spent an exhaustive amount of time researching and planning where we wanted to go and what we wanted to do, but we were just too overwhelmed when it came time to finalize all the details. So we called The German American Connection for assistance and Ute Boese took over from that point. She made all of our reservations for day tours, hotels, rental car, etc. She then sent everything to us in a neat comprehensive package that included all tickets, a detailed itinerary, detailed instructions, and maps of all towns we would be visiting along with recommendations for places to visit, things to see and even where we might to eat! I had so many questions and she always answered them thoroughly and promptly. I was initially worried about how much the services might cost as we had never used a travel agent before. But I made a leap of faith and just decided that I needed to trust that Ute would be able to help us out. It was one of the best decisions we made! I found the charges to be very reasonable and well worth everything we received in return - an organized trip package, a knowledgeable resource and tremendous relief from having to plan and finalize everything on our own. I highly recommend Ute and The German American Connection." Linda J., TX, USA (TGAC trip planning service - Tour to Germany)

"Thank you for the trip and experience of a life time. No other trip will be the same." Marilyn W., CA, USA (Porcelain Art Tour in Germany)

"I have thoroughly enjoyed the trip. You have added such personal touches that has made me feel like we have been one family for these 2 weeks. I look forward to coming back next year." Kay C., TX (Porcelain Art Tour in Germany)

"I had a wonderful time. This trip has exceeded all my expectations." Jada G., TX (Porcelain Art Tour in Germany)

"Working with you to put the trip together has been a pleasure. You are extremely committed to your work, readily-available to take questions and supply answers, and your great knowledge of Germany and tourism in Germany not only made our trip go very smoothly, but you also knew how to make travel affordable to high school students. ... I couldn't believe how organized you were with the schedule. I was expecting to have to look up all that information myself so this was fantastic! With that information as well as the maps and confirmations of our reservations, you made our trip so easy for me! Your help and organization allowed me to concentrate more on the students and their needs. Thank you so much for an amazing experience. I look forward to working with you again in 2 years on our next exchange..." Rachel E., NJ (TGAC trip planning service - Tour to Germany)

"All I had to do was tell them where I wanted to go and they took care of all the rest! The service and communication were excellent and the fee was very reasonable! They went above my expectations, and no problem was too hard fro them to solve (TGAC note: client refers to changes had to be made due to the ash cloud problem)! I am planning more trips to Germany and the only travel service I will even think of using is The German American Connection" Terry B., FL (TGAC Trip Planning Service - Tour to Germany)

"It (TGAC: the trip) could not have gone any better" Mike R., TX (TGAC Trip Planning Service - Oktoberfest in Munich)

"Wonderful arrangements, great hotels, Vielen Dank" Ginger S., TX (TGAC Trip Planning Service - Tour to Germany and Austria)

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