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Beer News 16: Tradition and Culture of German Beer - Monastery Brewery Scheyern, Bavaria: Since 1119, the monks at the Benedictine monastery in Scheyern have brewed their own beer. These days the beer is mostly brewed for consumption in the monastery tavern and beer garden... (more: see PDF)

Beer News 15: German beer from the Watzdorfer brewery in Thuringia - a quality experience: Nestled in the valley below the castle ruin Greifenstein, Watzdorfer brews quality beer since 1411. On the premise of the brewery there is also an old-fashioned tavern and an interesting brewery museum... (more: see PDF)

Beer News 14: Hat-trick for the German brewery "Stralsunder Brauerei" - European Champion in three categories: At the European Beer Star 2010, the Stralsunder Brauerei won gold medals in three categories and became so Europe's most successful brewery. They always strive for the fullest character... (more: see PDF)

Beer News 13: Original Schlenkerla Smokebeer from Bamberg, Franconia: In the middle of the old part of Bamberg one can find the historical brewery tavern Schlenkerla. First mentioned in 1405 and now run by the Trum family in the 6th generation, it is the fountain of awarded Original Schlenkerla Smokebeer... (more: see PDF)

Beer News 12: Prussian Charme and Beer Brewing Tradition at the Crowne Estate in Potsdam: In 1689, the Krongut Bornstedt started brewing beer for the Prussian Kings and their guests at the nearby located Palace Sanssouci. These days the beer brewing tradition is very much alive again with the Krongut's "Bornstedter Buffalo" beer specialties. This brewpub in Potsdam is part of the TGAC Cultural Beer Tours - Go East... (more: see PDF)

Beer News 11: Hanseatic beer brewing tradition from the scenic Baltic Sea coast: Founded in 1827, the brewery "Stralsunder Brauerei" soon became the highly valued purveyor by appointment for the popular seaside resorts. In that tradition, the brewery still produces high quality beer - honored with many awards. The Stralsunder Brewery is part of our Cultural Beer Tours - Go East... (more: see PDF)

Beer News 10: Oktoberfest 2009 - Cultural Beer Tours with Bier-Mania:
Incredible Oktoberfest tours have been designed to not only introduce you to the world famous Oktoberfest in Munich, but also to show you more of Munich and Bavaria. The very first Oktoberfest was held in 1810 in honor of the Bavarian Crown Prince Ludwig's marriage to Princess Therese... (more: see PDF)

Beer News 08: The history and tradition of Germany’s world-famous beergardens:
During summertime you can find a beergarden, a so-called “Biergarten”, almost everywhere in Germany – South, North, West and East. It might not be very surprising, that Bavaria claims to have created the first beergardens – and they are most likely right about that. Historically correct, those places should be named “on top of the beer cellars”... (more: see PDF)

Beer News 07: The brewpub "Bayerischer Bahnhof" in Houston's German Sister City Leipzig: One of Leipzig’s famous monuments is the “Bayerischer Bahnhof” (Bavarian Railway Station). Built in 1842, the world’s oldest terminus has been the starting point for a flourishing trade in the region. Now the “Bayerischer Bahnhof” is the scenic stage for culinary delights and the house-brewed original beer specialty, the “Leipziger Gose”... (more: see PDF)

Beer News 06: When German beer went on a world trip:  Beer is the people’s beverage number 1 in Germany. Not only that Germans export plenty of beer worldwide, they also took the German brew craft along where ever they immigrated to. Many breweries in North and South America, but also in Africa or China, are having their roots in Germany. In 1823, the brew master David G. Jüngling decided to start a new life in the United States... (more: see PDF)

Beer News 05: Beer Brewing manufacture in the historic forester’s lodge Templin in Brandenburg: The “Braumanufaktur Forsthaus Templin” combines so many attractive attributes, that every visitor is just excited and fascinated: an interesting forester’s lodge history going back to 1756, a perfect location at a scenic lake with a nice shady beer garden, an impressive tradition of – organic - beer brewing, local delicious food, numerous events and, last but not least, great fresh seasonal beer... (more: see PDF)

Beer News 04: German original Dark Beer – Brewed in the tradition of “Wippraer craft brewing”:
There is only one “Original Wippraer Bier” – traditionally brewed in the small town Wippra in the beautiful and romantic “Harz” region with its forests, hills, unique rock formations, sleepy villages, half-timbered houses – and local microbreweries. The “Harz”-breweries claim to use the purest water, a very important quality feature for an excellent beer... (more: see PDF) 

Beer News 03: An insider's tip - Microbrewery Vielank in the very scenic counrtyside of tree alley roads and the banks of the river Elbe: Some people call the Vielanker Brewery an "oasis in the desert" - originally referring to the sandy soil and the slow economy in this North-East German region located directly at the former border between East and West Germany. But now it's the source of a fresh beer spring attracting both tourism and local jobs... (more: see PDF) 

Beer News 02: Microbrewery and Museum “Schmitt” in Singen, Thuringia – an unique relic: The family-run microbrewery is hidden in the rural village Singen in the Turingian Forest and an insider’s tip even for locals. The old machines were preserved almost unaltered and today the brewery “Schmitt” is brewing their beer exactly the way they did it 100 years ago – without electricity... (more: see PDF)

Beer News 01: International Berlin Beer Festival 2008: Every year at the first weekend of August more than 240 breweries from 80 countries present 1,750 different brands of beer. With 2.2 km length the Berlin “beer mile” is the “longest beer garden of the world”... (more: see PDF)


Did you know, that...

... Germany is the number 3 on the "Top20 Beer Drinking Countries" list with a consumption of 115.8 Liter/year/person (number 1 is the Czech people with 156.9 L/yr/p followed by number 2 Ireland with 131.1 L/yr/p). The US ranks on number 13 with 81.6 L/yr/p, Canada is number 19 with 68.3 L/yr/p and the UK ranks on number 6 with 99 L/yr/p.

... beer is daily food: traditionally home brewing in Germany was a women's business such as baking bread. Monasteries started specialized semi-professional breweries in the 11th century.

... German Schwarzbier (black beer) is originated in Thuringia (East Germany, 16th century).

... the cradle of German Weizenbier (wheat beer) is located in the small town Arnstadt in Thuringia. In 1617, the mayor and brewer Niclas Fischer brewed the first Weizenbier in Germany.

... the German brewery boom in the 13th century started in North Germany, much beer was exported to Scandinavia. German Bockbier (bock beer) is originated in a North German town "Einbeck", due to the bavarian dialect the name was later transformed to "Ein Bock".

... Europe's biggest draft beer pump system is located in Thuringia: the "Zapfwerk Greiz". Needless to say that they also serve a medalled local beer - "Greizer Schloss Pils".


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