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Travel to Germany

Pictures - Beautiful Travel Impressions - East Germany.

Pictures - The inspiring city of Berlin - Germany's capital.

Pictures - Cultural Beer Tours - Berlin Go East Special.


All Tour Plans for Germany are suggestions and just a selection of a large number of
Theme Tours we can organize for you.

You can book one of our guided group tours for 4-12 persons. The tour plans are laid out for one week, but extensions and/or individual tour combinations/planning is possible too. 

Or for fewer people you can use our Trip Planning Service. We layout and organize all tour details together with you, but you travel independently to Germany. During your trip an english speaking contact person can be available via phone/email 24/7. Ask us for your individual trip. Our service and independent travel tips for Germany:
Individual Travel Info

For instance, if you have German family roots, this would be the perfect chance to travel back in time to the places of your ancestors. You will experience the thrilling co-existence of tradition and modernity in Germany - and be a part of it. And who knows - maybe you have the opportunity to get to meet descendants of your german family... German Ancestry Tours

Or if you want to go on a unique and wonderful relaxing Trip to Germany with your significant other, your family, your friends...?!

Don't hesitate to
contact us.


General Travel and Passport information:

US citizens can travel to Germany and Poland for tourism for up to 90 days without a visa. They only need a valid passport, which must be valid at least 6 months beyond the scheduled trip.

More information and International Travel requirements:

International Travel information including Germany

Passport information for US citizens: US passport Information

Travel Insurance information (PDF for download)


Germany Travel Weather - forecast for Berlin and other locations
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