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- Customized tours for families, individuals, groups
- Individual Trip Planning Service
- Leisure travel and business trips 
- Translations (typed and hand written)
- Genealogy - family research for German ancestors
- German Ancestry Tours
- German event planning support
- Presentations (modern Germany and history)
- Connecting people in Germany and the U.S.
- Individual German-American projects


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 is a member of the following organizations / networks:

- National Genealogy Society USA (Jo Ann Wolf)
- Genealogy Society of Middle Germany (Ute Mehlhorn)
- German-Texan Heritage Society GTHS
- Texas German Society TGS
- Houston-Leipzig Sister-City Association HLSCA
  (Member and Past President Ute Mehlhorn)
- German American Chamber of Commerce (South) GACC
- Slow Food, Germany and Slow Food, International 
- InterNations / XING / LinkedIn
- National Tour Operator Association NTA
- Faith Travel Association FTA

   Genealogy Research Certificate (Ute Mehlhorn / Boese, Germany)

The people behind TGAC:

Ute Boese - The German American Connection   Ute Mehlhorn (formerly Boese)

Hi, I am Ute. I was born and I grew up in East Germany. I am considering myself a member of the “lucky generation” - I just turned 18 when the Berlin wall came down – very exciting times... I have lived for 8 years in the incredibly fast changing city of Berlin and know many hidden places… Since traveling abroad was very limited in the former GDR, I got to know East Germany very well – my family has spent almost all vacation time discovering every corner of East Germany. Due to jobs I moved to Hamburg and Hanover, from where I explored West Germany on many trips. But I always loved to return to the eastern part of Germany – thrilled observing the amazing and beautiful changes and the development in the so called “5 New States”. Within my professional career I have worked in consumer education, organizing seminars, field trips, excursions etc. mostly regarding natural food, organic agriculture and regional tourism. Of course after the wall came down I took advantage of the new and never before experienced opportunity to travel individually all over the world, what brought me to Peru, China, Canada, Nepal, USA, Madagascar – Europe not to mention! In spring 2006 I came to Houston, where I met Jo Ann at a “German Language Group” event. We started out with “private German lessons”, but quickly we noticed that we share much more than just an interest in the German language and family history research: the idea to start a business together to offer you individual trips and theme tours to Germany! I was type of a “missing link” – someone who is a native German, who has travel experience and loves to show you the gems in Germany. I got involved with genealogy in order to help Americans to locate their ancestors' places in Germany for unique German Ancestry Tours. I am also involved in promoting cross-cultural appreciation through organizations such as the “Houston Leipzig Sister City Association” or "InterNations". I would be delighted to take you on a special trip to my home country. Do not hesitate to contact me. I look forward to answering your questions and inquiries irrespective whether I am in Houston or in Germany – preparing and escorting trips!


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In November 2008, the German Life Magazine together with the Zeitgeist Publishing, Inc. published a book "This Is My Story": The story I (Ute Boese) submitted about the Fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 was included in the book.

My Story for Download (PDF)

                                 Jo Ann Wolf

I first got the travel bug at 14 years old during a summer vacation visiting a friend in  El Salvador  - it was one of those life changing experiences - earth quakes, border wars, refugees unfolding on a contradictory panoramic stage of volcanoes, beaches, mariachis and Tango dancers - all packed into summer break!  I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Texas in 1975. Since then I have worked at many jobs from car valet, boat varnisher to training oil & gas traders on proprietary software. I have worked in Singapore, Malaysia, and Spain, as well as numerous cities in the U.S. – Manhattan, Los Angeles, Chicago and Houston. Most recently, I became a student again and graduated from the University of St. Thomas with a Master in Liberal Arts, political science major in 2003. During this time, I reconnected with my ancestors in Germany and in the process became very interested in genealogy and German American history. And, best of all, I had the great pleasure of meeting a fantastic person from Germany, Ute Boese. While having many humorous moments during conversations about the weather and other important topics in my linguistically challenged German, Ute and I discovered that we share the same enthusiasm for German food, drink and culture and hope that you call us - The German American Connection - for your travel, business and family research needs.

Jo Ann

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